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How International Student Can Handle Cultural Shock ( 5 Pro Tips )

How International Student Can Handle Cultural Shock ( Top 5 Tips )

Cultural shock is the first thing that all international students face when they arrive at university. Most of the time, such shocks hamper student studies and normal life. If you are an international student, chances are you feel uncomfortable due to the cultural shock. In this article we have discussed the top five tips to handle cultural shock as an international student. 

What Is Cultural Shock 

Every country has a different culture and nature of living. Some are matched but some aren’t. The way of talking, the way of behavior offer differ from each other. When an international student is exposed to those differences they feel psychologically disturb and uncomfortable. This kind of emotional and psychological reaction is called cultural shock. 

Cultural shock is both good and bad for the student. It is good because they get to learn the adaptation technique. They become more open to new things and new culture. However, it is bad because cultural shock weakens international students, hampers their regular studies, can cause depression and frustration and so on. If a student can not overcome the cultural shock, sometimes it becomes too hard for them to survive abroad for a long time. 

Top 5 Tips to Handle Cultural Shock 

1. Accept It 

Accept it. Cultural shock is normal. Every international student experiences culture shock. Never think it is only you. Do not think you can’t deal with it. Do not blame yourself for such a situation. Believe it, it is normal and happens to everyone. Even the native people face culture shock. So, face the culture shock and accept it positively. 

2. Stay Connected with Your Family 

To get rid of your homesickness and frustration due to culture shock, stay connected with your family members. They will ask your experience, your thoughts and how you are doing all together. All these conversations will help you to get rid of the frustration and the uncomfortable feelings due to culture shock. Moreover, watching your loved one faces will relieve your stress, homesickness and depression. 


If your family is not tech savvy, consider opening a whatsapp , skype account for them before you leave your country. So that they can reach and see you and share their love with you. 

3. Make New Friends 

Make new friends. As much as possible. This could be new international friends or can be local friends. Talking with local friends will help you to overcome the cultural shock. Join clubs like international student clubs, language clubs etc, In those clubs you will get so many friends. Both the international and local students will be present there. Network with them. When they see you, they will show empathy to you. This will help you to overcome your culture shock faster. Help your friend to make a strong bonding. You may find many of your friend struggling with their assignment. Refer your friend to loyal education. In return they will get help and you will get extra bucks as a referral bonus. 

4. Attend Orientation Program

Never miss the orientation program. In most orientation programs, university authorities introduce the university and its facility properly. They help students to be comfortable with the university and its culture. Even some orientation organized only for the international student. You will get good tips and tricks. Besides, there will be games, sports and fun during the orientation program. All these are plans to help you come out from the culture shock that every international student faces. 

5. Stay Social 

Never ever isolate yourself with others. It will never give you relief. Rather you will be more depressed and frustrated. Face the music. Talk to the people, make friends. Remember, everyone is facing the same challenges. So, stay social and connected. Take it easy and stay very very social at least for the next 3 month. This is the only way to come out from the culture shock. 

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. The faster you can overcome culture shock the faster you can succeed abroad. Your study won’t be hampered. You won’t be frustrated any more , and you will be enjoying your stay abroad. So, follow these 5 pro tips and get rid of the culture shock.