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How to Get Job as an International Student

You need to have a lot of money in order to study abroad which becomes a problem for some as not all of the students are financially stable. In order to overcome this issue students must take a job while studying which will help them to balance their expenses and make them monetarily fit. In order to obtain a job you need to plan ahead accordingly and the right way to proceed to the right person. Different ways are discussed below:-

Have a Head Start

Prepare a list of jobs that you are interested in and want to apply. This will help you to have a clear mindset about what you want to do in the future and prepare yourself for it.

Enhance Your Online Hunt 

 You need to have a clear idea about using the internet in finding jobs. There are many job searching websites or portals where you can look for job posts and they are free to use.

Never Use Common CV 

It is advisable to make your CV differently as it will give you an edge over other applicants and make you stand out from them. In the CV highlight your strengths, how your skills will help you in this job and experience. You can add more relevant information in order to increase heaviness in the application.

Online application

  Many organizations hire temporary employees in order to cope up with extra workload. The vacancies are posted on their websites under the category named “Careers”. Some companies also share their vacant positions in different job websites for maximum exposure. 

Communicate with Companies

  A company receives a thousand CV’s against their job post and they may forget to communicate with you later. So it is better that you communicate with them with a call or mail against your application but keep in mind to keep this follow up with minimum stress on the employer.

Take Guidance from Career Centre 

You can always take help from the university’s career centre regarding your jobs. They will guide you on how to make your CV fruitful and appealing to the employers. They have different events, seminars and workshops on how to get jobs and try to participate in it. It will enhance your skills and make you more confident. The centre also have knowledge about  job vacancies in different companies. 

Networking with Others

Networking always helps to find a job for you as more people will know the more the news will spread that you are looking for a job. So eventually it may reach the potential employer who is looking for someone to work for him. Be the first one to take the initiative to talk and make friendship with others as it may turnout to be the best investment of your life. 

Portray Yourself Valuable

Nowadays having online existence is a must for employees. Employers tend to look for information about the candidate on the net. Try to build your own profile in Linkedin as it is one of the best platforms for job holders. You can also create a website or write a blog that can be shown to the recruiter. 

Prepare Yourself Early

 It is better to work out about your plans regarding jobs early. It will save your time and you may land in a job before the end of your university life. You can also get an early idea about the recruitment process in the host country and prepare yourself accordingly. You may also get the option to choose from different job offers which job is preferable for your career. 

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The job market is getting more and more competitive as days are passing by and more to that to get a job in a foreign land is really tough for international students. You need to adapt new ways to approach your employers. Don’t be disheartened by any rejection as it is a learning process and hopefully one day you will get your dream job.