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7 Smart Ways to Earn Money As An International Students

7 Smart Ways to Earn Money As An International Students

Want to earn extra bucks while studying abroad? The traditional ways are difficult since they hamper studies and classes. The good news is, there are other ways of job which can bring extra bucks to your pocket. Want to know how you can earn extra bucks without interfering with your study and classes? This blog presents the 15 smart ways of earning money as an international student.

7 Smart Ways of Earning Money 

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer 

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If you have a good sense and a passion for writing, become an amazon affiliate market. Choose a topic that you love most. Write about it, use a referral link, when your visitor will purchase through your custom link, you will receive a handsome amount of commission from amazon. To start affiliate marketing you need an internet connection, a passion for writing blogs and an interesting subject for writing. In your free time you can write blogs on the amazon product and link it to your website.  You can earn upto $10,000 per month from the amazon affiliate marketing. This could be more higher, depending on how much effort. 

2. Become a Online Cloth Seller 

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If you are not a writer by heart but have a keen eye for fashion, then these tactics perfectly for you. Become a clothing seller on social media. This business model is pretty simple. Buy clothes at a cheaper price and sell them at a bit higher price. Being an online clothes seller is a good idea, but it requires patience too. Sometimes buyers do not purchase, sometimes sell may not reach the expected level. But it is natural. Just stick to your idea and keep selling with passion and patience. 

3. Help Your Friend And Earn Some Extra Bucks 

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In your university, you will find so many friends struggling with their assignment. They might be dealing with the tough time of their lives, so that they couldn’t concentrate properly on their study. Be their true friend. Refer them to an assignment help provider and earn money from the assignment help service provider. For example, Loyal Education offers a 10% referral bonus for the students who refer their service to others. Upon assignment confirmation, you will receive money right to your bank account. For each referral, Loyal Education offers $10. So, if you can refer 100 friends, you can receive $1000 or more. The number will go higher and higher, depending on how many friends you can refer. So, register their referral program now and start earning today !!

4. Earn from the Food Delivery

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If you want to work on your own schedule, then earn money by delivering food for the company like FoodPanda and Uber Eats. To deliver you can use your own bicycle, your bike or car whatever you have. There is no age limit, if you are 18+, eligible to work, you can start earning from food delivery anytime. You can be your own boss, no one will be watching you, or micromanaging your task. You can choose your own schedule and work anytime you want. Moreover, you can earn huge when there is high demand like on Saturday nights. Besides, you will get extra opportunity to roam around the city. Wouldn’t it be great too? 

5. Become a Social Media Marketer 

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Social media has become the most popular source for the business. But most of the small business owners do not have the know-how and the proper time to manage their social media effectively. Offer them your social media marketing service. Tell them you will reply to their customer queries, comment, and manage their page regularly. Ask for a monthly fee for social media management, this could range from $250 – $700. You can ask for hourly payment too. This could range from $25 – $35 per hour. 

6. Become a Mystery Shopper 

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If you love shopping and have very good communication skill then you can earn money from the ghost Shopper. Many businesses are always looking to improve their service. They wanted to learn the experience of the shoppers and then improve the service accordingly. Mystery shoppers help companies with their experience. They simply shop and then report their experience to the companies. The companies will pay you a huge amount of money for being mystery shoppers. If you are in Australia you can earn up to $40 per hour as a mystery shopper. Isn’t it great? 

7. Use Your Natural Talent 

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“If you are good at something never do it for free.” Use your inherent talent and extra money. This is like doing something that you love most. No matter what it is. It can be cooking, singing, storytelling or reviewing smart devices. Show it off to the world. Take online and offline classes. Spread your reputation across social media. Earn money from the tutorial classes. Just record your tutorial and sell it through Udemy and other online course providers. The more students enroll in your courses, the more you can earn. The opportunity to earn from this source is endless.  

Earning as an international student is a tough job. If you follow the conventional method, this could impact your studies and life. It becomes too tough to balance between study and life as an international student. However, if you follow one of these smart ways of earning you can easily get extra bucks without hampering your study. So, apply one of them now and start earning today. 


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